Happiness In The Workplace- positive strategies for improving interactions and productivity at work

Discover the benefits of creating a climate of happiness on the job site.

Why is Happiness In The Workplace essential for you and your company?

Recent studies in positive psychology and neuroscience show that happy employees are 31% more productive, their sales are 37% higher, their stress levels are 23% lower, their health is 39% better, and they are three times more creative.

Add up the numbers and see how happier employees boost the bottom line.


Workshop participants will explore:
  • The importance of focusing thoughts to minimize negativity and increase positivity
  • How to increase levels of optimism to be open and ready for new opportunities
  • How to deepen social connections to build better working relationships with coworkers
  • Techniques to manage stress effectively and increase energy

Client Testimonials

Read what past participants have to say about Jenny’s counselling and facilitation.

“I want you to know that you have made a difference in my Life.  I can’t thank you enough for an unforgettable experience during all of my training. Your passion for what you do, your support to others, and your amazing personality has been phenomenal.”

Thelma Stuckey

“Jenny is able to interact with individuals on any level. She is very approachable, genuine, friendly, an excellent listener, helpful, encouraging, emphatic, and has a great sense of humor. Jenny’s greatest strength is her ability to listen- to hear, and make others feel they have been heard.”

Myrtle Anstey

“I continue to practice gratitude and acknowledging my appreciation and to remember, happiness is a choice. This has significantly reduced my frustration with the “little things” and allows me a higher level view of what really matters.”

Lisa Payment

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