The Happiness Journal

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You Can Spread Happiness!

From a very young age I believed that I could help people learn to be happier.  To this very day, I still believe that.  We can all spread more happiness in the world if we consciously make the effort.  By … read more

When Bad Things Happen

It is not easy to promote happiness when bad things happen to you or the people you love.  To move forward with hope and optimism we must use our painful experiences to become stronger and do some good in the … read more

Meeting The Inspiring Jack Canfield

In 2008 my husband and I had the honour of meeting one of my long time heroes, Jack Canfield, while attending his 7 Day Breakthrough to Success workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona.   I had been following Jack’s work since the late … read more

The Secret to Happiness?

From an early age, I recognized that there was a clear distinction between people that were generally happy and those who weren’t. What I didn’t understand was why. When I started my post-secondary education I thought that if I studied... read more